Yahoo Secretly Removes Ability To Block News Topics From Homepage

In a move that should terrify everyone, Yahoo has decided to secretly remove the ability to block news topics from appearing on the main Yahoo website.

Before it was removed, anyone was able to hover over an article and click an X to hide that article and other related articles from ever appearing on the Yahoo homepage again or in the future, but now that feature is gone. However, the ability to “like” an article is still available.

By removing the ability to block certain topics from appearing in your newsfeed, everyone is now forced to see and read whatever Yahoo decides is newsworthy to them and their interests.

The odd thing is that this ability was available up until after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Now we have to ask ourselves, could be this related to the election? Why can’t users hide Pro-Trump articles anymore? Why do the 1% get to decide what we’re able to see and read?

We sure hope that Yahoo doesn’t give the generic excuse of “Oh, well most users weren’t even using that feature, so we removed it” nonsense.

We’ve reached out to Yahoo for comment.