Top Secret Report: Putin Secretly Controlled Hillary Clinton

Vladimir Putin Hillary Clinton
Vladimir Putin Hillary Clinton

We have a blockbuster report from unnamed sources deep within the Government that can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton has been bought and paid for by Russia.

We all know about the time Hillary Clinton conveniently authorized the sale of Uranium to Russia only after their PayPal “donation” into the Clinton “Foundation” was approved.  Yes, that’s textbook bribery and yes that’s Uranium, a chemical used to create Nuclear Weapons.

This is the main reason why Donald Trump wanted the Clintons in prison.  Well, it appears that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Reports are coming in that Clinton came across financial hardship after her 2008 election lost and so she sold herself to Russia in order to recoup the money that she lost.  She made an agreement with Putin that in exchange for money, she will do everything in Russia’s best interest first even before America.

Yes that’s right folks, she sold us out. Putin knows that he can’t bribe Trump like how he easily did with Hillary and he personally respects Trump for having integrity and principle.

Folks, we were all lucky that Hillary Clinton lost the election.  But from what our sources are telling us, she’s gearing up for another run in 2020.

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