The Voter Fraud Cover Up

Democratic strategists are already working on their alibi for the massive Voter Fraud that potentially favored their party nationwide for decades. On the ludicrous YouTube “news” channel by Roland Martin, one topic of discussion was the impending and necessary Voter Fraud investigation requested by President Trump. These people are living in a bubble. How can they say that Voter Fraud has been debunked when the investigation hasn’t even started yet? Oh, that’s right, they’re trying to prevent the investigation from happening that’s why. One guest, in particular, appears to suggest that the 3 million fraudulent votes were a result of a clerical error. Lol These Demon-crats know the truth will soon be revealed to the world and they’re desperately trying to get their story straight.

The entire clip is a hit piece but listen to the excuse for Voter Fraud at about the 3:20 mark.

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