Racism In The UFC

Just going through some of the racist tweets directed at Tyron Woodley is another urgent reminder that we as a society have a long way to go, particularly in the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Woodley has previously stated that he is the worst treated Champion in UFC History and that the UFC does not promote him as much as they promote the lighter complected Champions.

We looked into his claim, and we’ve discovered that Woodley is harassed daily with such derogatory terms as “N***er,” “Monkey,” “Poor black,” and “Ghetto.” There were so many instances that we lost count.

No human being should have to be subjected to such extreme vitriolic hatred due solely to the complexion of their skin.

The UFC must come out and vehemently condemn the racism directed at its fighters in the strongest way possible. The time is now for the UFC to let the UFC community know that they stand firmly in solidarity with Woodley.

The UFC is still a growing sport, and if it hopes to grow to the size of the NBA, NFL, or MLB, then they must also follow in the footsteps of other professional sports leagues and take a stance against racism in all forms.

Update: We will not host the tweets here, many of which have since been deleted anyway. Please go to Twitter if you would like to see the tweets that are still posted.

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    Where are you Dana White? Speak out against racism!

  • PlayStation4Life!

    Racist or not, most of these guys are def trolls
    Mr. McFist, TJSnakeinDaGrass, #BatFleck4daWin…
    And i thought my name was a bit fanboy, lel!