That Trump Inauguration Photo Is A Fake!! (PROOF)

Have you seen that photo of Trump’s inauguration with a thin and scrawny crowd?  Well, it’s fake.  You see, that photo was taken at 8:00 am when the crowd was still barely forming.  The mainstream media are colluding together, and their agenda is to embarrass President Trump at any chance they get.  It seems that during their time of desperation and despair, they’ve decided to stoop even lower and just flat out lie about Trump.  We’ve seen this recently with CNN, BuzzFeed, Time, and ABC News all publishing FAKE news articles about Trump.

BuzzFeed Admits They Have An “Uncertain Reality”

BuzzFeed chose to publish a Fake Story about Donald Trump on their website, and that has forever tarnished them as Fake News. Here’s their nonsensical explanation for their Fake Story. “You trust us to give you the full story; we trust you to reckon with a messy, sometimes uncertain reality.” You read that right; they want you to be understanding of their “UNCERTAIN REALITY.”

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TruthiMedia EXCLUSIVE: A Group of Women Form Pack To Have Abortions On Same Day

A group of liberal elite women have decided to form a pack in order to support women’s right.  They’re disgusting plan is to all get pregnant for the specific purpose of having an abortion all on the same day.  Smh What’s wrong with the world?  Chime in below and let us know what you think.

Lebron James is furiously upset with Steph Curry!

Reports are starting to dwindle in that Queen James is still fuming over their last loss to the Warriors.  They’re even saying that the King is demanding a safe space and in certain sections of the locker room where there is absolutely no mention of the Warrior name whatsoever.  Wow, that seems kinda extreme.  What do you guys think?

Claire Redfield and Bazookas in Resident Evil 7? (***Spoilers***)

Update: Our source spoke Japanese, and we confused which Redfield character was in the game. Chris Redfield is in the game, not Claire.

Some lucky gamers received an early copy of the game in the mail today and they’re saying that Claire Redfield is ***Spoiler***

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