Movie Rumor: Young Girl, X-23, From Logan Movie (***Spoilers***) Teleports Back To Present Time And Joins The X-Men

(***Spoilers***)  You all know the little girl in the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan (In Theaters March 3, 2017), well one of our deep sources has given us some very juicy info about her in future installments of the X-Men franchise. First, there will be two post-credits scenes. The last one is the juicy one.

It starts in the bedroom of the little girl, X-23, with the camera panning over her head as she sits on a bed stuffed with oversized Kitty pillows. The items on her desk start to tremble slowly, and suddenly a bright light splits through thin air forming a large bluish oval shape. A tall shadowy figure appears. It’s a disheveled Bishop who walks through and says “We must go now!” She asks “Go where?” He says “To the X-Men!,” and then the X-Men Logo comes slamming down to the theme song.

We were wondering how this movie was going to tie into the larger X-Men series and this seems to bring it all home. Are y’all as excited about this as we are? Let us know below!

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