MCU TV Shows Ranked

1. Daredevil
This show completely revolutionized comic book tv shows for the adult demographic. Season One was so good because no one knew how good it’d be. Season One was Emmy worthy. By the time Season Two came around, the entire cast and crew knew that they were working on a classic TV show and that kind of ruined everything. The writers started to get a little over confident with their work which resulted in quite a few boring episodes in Season Two.

2. Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones was fantastic as well. The cast and actors did an outstanding job, and the storyline was original and amazing. In our opinion, Jessica Jones was Emmy worthy.

3. Luke Cage
The cast did a stellar job with this one. Mike Colter is Luke Cage. We can’t see anyone else playing that role but him. The storyline was fantastic.

4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Season One was terrible. Things supposedly got better in Season Two, but it didn’t. Then it was Season Three when things were supposed to be better, but nope. It was not until Season Four that AoS found itself. Season Four is so good that you would believe that Netflix produced it.

5. Agent Carter
Agent Carter had potential. Unfortunately, it just did not appeal to the masses. The show was eventually canceled only after two seasons.

Let us know if you have them ranked the same or not.

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