Hillary Clinton Is Distraught Over Trump’s Successful Speech At Congress

Hillary Clinton Is Distraught Over Trumps Successful Speech At Congress

A source tells us what went down at the reclusive Clinton estate in Chappaqua, New York, Tuesday night during the viewing of President Trump’s first Joint Address to Congress.

A small group of Clinton staffers and confidants gathered at the Clinton home for what they all thought would be a typical Trump speech, but what happened next terrified everyone in the room.

Loud wailing screams reverberated off of the walls.

“Trump’s winning them over,” said Clinton. “He’s just too Presidential now! There’s no way I can beat him in 2020,” she bemoaned.

She might have a point. According to CNN, 70% of Americans are more optimistic of Trump’s policies following his speech to Congress.

However, although she has a valid concern for her political career, Clinton’s erratic behavior behind the scenes raises the somber question: Is she stable enough to hold public office ever again?

  • Steve from Ohio

    Hillary is now resigned to the fact that she can now only hold a pubic orifice.

    • Tim

      Just make sure you get an I.D. from the victim. From what I am told Hillary likes them young, defenseless and with a side of “$86,000.00 worth of succulent hot dogs”.

      “Will I do better playing dominoes on spaghetti or cheese?”


  • Assembly Language

    Come on Hillary, hang in there!

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