Fake News Did Not Hurt Hillary Clinton

Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential Election to Donald Trump, there’s been a ridiculous narrative perpetuated by Clinton shills in the liberal dominant news media that “fake news” caused Clinton to lose the election. Guess what folks, that claim is in itself FAKE NEWS!

Here are the facts. Trump won the election because he earned more electoral votes than Clinton. Trump received more electoral votes because he ran a better campaign than Clinton. Trump is a very charismatic person, and his strategy to win was incredibly brilliant. He focused on the people and states that have been abandoned by the establishment.

He’s a smart businessman, and he knows exactly how to speak to CEOs. He speaks their language, and he speaks the American people’s language. Americans don’t align with the Clinton policies that authorize American jobs to go to places like China. It was under the Clinton administration that hundreds of millions of American jobs left America and went to other countries.

Also, Trump promised to secure the American border against illegal immigration. Only people who hate America would be ok with allowing immigrants to enter the country illegally. America does open itself to immigrants, but it also has a legal process in which it is done. Immigrants who circumvent this process know full well that they are breaking the law.

Illegal immigrants who are willing to work for a few dollars a day are the reason why teens all across America have a hard time finding jobs. Illegal immigrants claim to have this unique special ability to perform American jobs that no one else would do. That claim is just absurd. I know plenty of American teens who would cut grass for a few bucks. Now those small jobs are going to illegal immigrants, but Trump is going to stop that.

Trump has promised the American people to bring those jobs back and to make America great again.

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