TruthiMedia EXCLUSIVE: How Mexico Will Pay For The Wall

First off, let’s get some important things straight. It’s not wrong in any way to want people to enter a country legally. Second, it’s not wrong to deport those who enter a country illegally. Third, it’s not wrong to deport noncitizens who commit violent acts or deal drugs to others. No one wants that, right? Ok. Now back to the wall.

Mexico will pay for The Great Wall either directly or indirectly. Our sources deep within the Very White House have broke things down for us this way. “You see, the U.S. gives Mexico nearly $1 billion a year in Foreign Aid and all we have to do is garnish their funds over a few years until the bill is paid.” You see how easy that was? Done.

  • elisa orozco

    Well, that seems to be the simplest way of taking care of the problem. Perhaps its too simple but it makes the most sense!

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