Donald Trump The Russian Spy?

Did the Russians recruit Donald Trump as a young child? The issue came to light recently when a member of Congress casually asked Donald about his childhood after the inauguration. What was Donald Trump doing in Russia in 1954? FYI – The Cold War began towards the end of World War II 1947-53 with world leaders vying for superiority over one another, and the KGB was formed March 13, 1954. Three months later, Donald Trump visited Russia on a family trip, but why?

During this time the Spy agency from Russia was engaging in a full-scale onslaught against Britain and The United States. It is also during this time that it is believed that Trump was brainwashed and fully indoctrinated by the KGB.

Trump would have been just 8 years old at the time but studies show this would have been the perfect age for lifelong conditioning and brainwashing. At that young age, the mind is still in its formative years.

The source within Congress has since gone silent fearing for the safety of himself and his family. Wow! God Bless America!

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