Cable And Internet: A Deadly Monopoly Of Power

Whatever you call them, Cable companies or Internet Service Providers, one thing is for certain, they’re getting rich on the dime of the American people.

If you’re like most Americans, each year your cable and internet bill is increasing by exorbitant rates. The reason? ISP’s have paid off your elected representatives to gain and maintain a monopoly in your area. With this monopoly in place, ISP’s can charge you arbitrary rates for Cable and Internet because there is no competition.

Each year, Cable companies release lame excuses for increasing our bills such as “Operating costs,” “blah, blah, blah.” Well we’re not going to take it anymore you greedy Cable companies!

Use this link to contact all of your elected officials now. Call their office and leave them comments online. Tell them that enough is enough! It’s time to break the corporate monopoly that Cable companies have.

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