A Resident Evil TV Show Is Coming To Netflix (Exclusive)

Resident Evil Netflix
Resident Evil Netflix

We got word from insiders that Netflix is in the early stages of developing a series based off of the Resident Evil game franchise. We’re hearing that they’re going to stay true to the original games and also that each season will focus solely on each game in the series.

Season 1 will begin with the events of either Resident Evil Zero or Resident Evil 1. It’s possible that Season 1 will be extended to combine both stories into one season. Either way, we’re very interested in seeing this live action incarnation on Netflix.

With the success of the Marvel TV shows developed for Netflix, we’re confident the Resident Evil series is in great hands. Filming is expecting to begin in the spring. Till then, we’ll be waiting patiently to see how the people of Raccoon City and RPD’s finest men and women fare against the spread of the T-Virus.

  • YES!!!!!

  • Ben Alexander


  • Al Goodheart

    I’ll believe it when I see it and depending on who’s in it, maybe I’ll watch.

  • Parthiban Redfield

    Hope so it would be cool.

  • Douglas Mitchell

    Hmm I wonder if it will be any good

  • QāỢś ÐãŖĸŇȇȘṩ

    Omg yessss!!

  • Humberth Arellano

    This is fake.

  • Jonathan Rapavi

    I love how the real comments say it’s fake (it is). And the author put in fake comments. You fail as a blogger Maryanne.

  • icwxp

    You know how I can tell it’s fake? Because it describes exactly what fans of the original games want and will probably never get thanks to those brain-dead Mila Jovovich movies that have nothing to do with Resident Evil.

    • Assembly Language

      lmaoo good points

      • nicki sucks

        not really u just on his dick a little too much

    • nicki sucks

      meanwhile u are the brain dead fan that liked re7 hillbilly horror lol shit has nothing to do with resident evil as well

      • RikkWolf

        Okay, a few things.

        First, I wouldn’t go calling anyone “brain dead” yourself until “u” grasp simple First Grade English. A guaranteed way to come off like the aforementioned brain-dead 13-year-olds.

        Second, RE7 is hardly a Resident Evil game in my opinion either, so nice job trolling someone who actually agrees with you.

        I’ll leave folks to cringe at whatever cancerous grammar and childish, embarrassing, off-topic sentence fragments you reply with. I’m sure you’ll top yourself in no time. Good luck! 😀

        • hhhhhhhhhhh

          nah fam this was infinitely more embarrassing, especially with all the self-asspatting you’re doing

      • Chris Koester

        How is it not an RE game? Scarce resources, environment, doors, lore, storage boxes, puzzles, slow moving enemies, etc. Do you even know what H.C.F. is, bro?

        I wouldn’t doubt for a second that you enjoyed that trash, Evil Within.

      • Red.Dots…

        ok your a brain dead fan too!! here is the deal before it was resident evil the original name was Biohazard! whole shlt was made by Japanese and got famous here in the U.S. the video games usually change after 3 games with a same play style in a row! like 1,2,3 had a same gameplay style then 4,5,6 had differ or newer and then 7,8,9 will have this kind of gameplay which i found pretty cool so this is how this beautiful and awesome series of video game goes down!

    • Josie Bell

      Maybe that’s because Mila’s movies have hardly any ties to what came first… the game?… soo..

    • Thommas Lopes

      Brain kids everywere.

  • Assembly Language

    Fingers crossed! lol

  • Paul Mcgrath

    So annoying arklay was a rumour now this it would have been a very interesting watch better than the crappy movies that just seem to get progressively worse

  • Steven Taryo

    if this is true “IF” i quote because i have seen so meny roomers i have bin a fan since ps1 resident evil and resident evil 2 dual shock verson and original i have the older ones i hope they do follow in the story because i feel like the movie was side tracked of something else happening in raccoon city it will take time but if they do make it off the story line with chris berry wesker and jill would be awsome from how it started in the mantion in the raccoon forest i would love to see it as a show or a movie makes me want to go play the old games all over again xD to me i love games with mistories puzzles and horror i hope they come back with remastered .
    nothing like the classics.

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